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University Golf Club

  |  Help


Guiding Principles of the University Golf Club

The Club

Raison d'etre

  1. To continue the Men's Clubs that have been part of the University Golf Club (UGC) since 1932.
  2. To provide an organization for the golf-orphans of the Weekend Members’ Club, which was terminated in 2003.
  3. To provide a venue for players to compete in a gentlemanly manner and to enjoy the company of other members.


  1. The UGC is a Category Two club registered with the BCGA.


  1. Annual Competitions occur as scheduled on the Fixture Card and described on the web site.
  2. Trophies are presented at the awards dinner and prize money is paid according to the budget.
  3. Weekly Competitions are held such as the Club Captain's Sunday Slots.

Custodianship of Trophies

  1. Historic trophies belonging to the UGC Men's Clubs have come to reside under the custodianship of the UGC.


  1. A new Constitution and By-Laws were passed unanimously at the 2004 AGM.
  2. A member-elected board of directors operates the UGC for the benefit of the members.
  3. The operation is conducted through committees: Tournament, Rules, Handicap, Executive and Membership.



  1. BCGA/RCGA/PNGA membership.
  2. BCGA/RCGA Official Handicap card
  3. Invitation to play in all UGC competitive and social events, including Men's Nights when guests can participate.
  4. Prepaid entrance to all annual competitive events. Green fees are payable for events but the entrance fee (prize money) is covered.
  5. A vote at the Annual General Meeting on UGC matters.
  6. Invitation to the Annual General Meeting (Spring) and the Awards Banquet (Fall).
  7. Access to Saturday and Sunday preferred times as available.
  8. Dynamic membership. The Board of Directors welcomes comments and suggestions as to how the UGC can be improved. If you want to know more about becoming involved in the club's activities, ask a Director.


  1. Fees may vary from year to year.
  2. Fees are collected by the UGC (cheque payable to the University Golf Club or by E Transfer)
  3. Funds are dispersed according to the budget passed by the board.
  4. The cost per member to belong to the BCGA/RCGA is .
  5. Of the balance approximately 85% of the fees are paid out in prize money, trophies and the awards banquet.


  1. An e-mail address is mandatory
  2. Internet access (home, office or library) is required to keep up with the events that are regularly posted on the UGC web site (
  3. The UGC bulletin board in the Men's locker room is a back-up but secondary source of information.


  1. Rules.

    The UGC conducts all events according to the Rules of Golf as defined by the RCGA. Members should be familiar with the Rules of Golf and are encouraged to apply the Rules of Golf to themselves and their fellow-competitors and to ask the Rules Committee for clarification as required. In particular, members should know how to proceed in match play and in stroke play (the procedure is not the same) if a rules question arises. Local rules and recent rulings are posted on the UGC web site and on the board in the Men’s Locker Room.

  2. Handicap

    The computer in the golf shop is available to members to enable all members to record a current handicap which is up to date and includes the recording of all properly adjusted scores (for an explanation see the UGC bulletin board), recorded as “T” scores if appropriate. All players must have a current handicap, to be confirmed by the Handicap Committee, to be able to compete in any UGC event. NOTE: this is now being done through the RCGA NETWORK website.

  3. Etiquette. Members will have consideration of others, play safely, respect the course, and maintain pace of play guidelines (strive for a four-hour round if the course is open, otherwise keep up with the group in front = play ready golf!). Members are expected to show-up if they sign-up for any and all events.
  4. Size

    1. The number of members in 2003 was 66; but by 2020 it was 150  These sizes have worked well given our access to tee times and the club size will likely remain in this range for the near future at least.

    2.A waiting list is maintained by the Membership Coordinator to establish a priority sequence after the membership is full.

    Good Standing

    1. All returning members, with the payment of annual dues will be deemed to have agreed to the Principles herein and to be in good standing. All prospective new members are required to complete and submit the Application for Membership found on the UGC web site.
    2. Members not in good standing will be so described at the discretion of the board and the benefits of membership will be suspended until further notice.


    1. At the end of the round/season the guideline for returning members should be whether the experience has been enjoyable.