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University Golf Club

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Notes about Winter Golf

1. UGC has new tees and ratings for Winter Golf. Please continue to post any rounds you play at UGC year-round. Although the scores will NOT count towards your handicap and you will see them in RED, it will allow for peer-review of the scores when arranging matches.

The FRONT tees are delineated with the Red/Black tee markers while the BACK tees are recognized with the Blue/White markers. BACK tees are the default tees on our Leaderboard.

2. When playing a hole with a temporary green, post net par for that hole (i.e. par plus any handicap strokes to which you would normally be entitle) in Golf Canada. Your ten on #1 still counts on the day however...

3. Temporary greens are played normally. Putt out (no automatic 2-putts) and are IN PLAY for matches, including strokes given or received

4. Take complete and free relief from temporary greens when they are not in play (closest point, no nearer the hole in play) one club length. Mark the reference point. You get to drop within the 180 degree arc . Please see explanation here:

Point of nearest relief

4. When playing in both slots and winter matches simultaneously, you MUST play your match by the rules of stroke play only. Play ready golf and putt out for slots. None of the special rules for match play apply (e.g. no concessions. Playing out of turn or from wrong tee: The stroke cannot be cancelled and replayed from the correct tee. Stroke play penalty (2 strokes and replay the shot from the correct location) is applied to score for the hole.

5. We use our local preferred lies rules through the winter. Lift, clean and place within 6 inches in the general area and bunkers. You may rake bunkers before placing your ball.

Posting Scores:

For holes with temporary greens, post your score to Golf Canada as Par + any strokes to which you would normally be entitled (i.e. Net Par)

Handicapping Rule 2.2

You need to play a minimum of 14 holes at the Winter Rating to post an 18 hole score.

On any given 9, you need to play at least 7 at the correct rating for the 9 to count.

Yes, you can still post an 18 hole score even if you have the maximum of 4 temporary greens on a single 9.

Example 1: you play 4 temporary greens on the front 9 and none on the back 9 (14 regular greens)

Example 2: You play 3 temps on the front 9 and 1 on the back 9