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Handicapping and "Winter" Scores

Posted: Nov 27, 2020

During the shoulder season, we are always asked the questions:1. Do we post our scores and/or2. What do we post?The short answer to both of these q...

Winter Times

Posted: Nov 26, 2020

For the month of December, our tee times are set for 8:50-9:10 on Saturdays. There will be no opportunities to expand these times.Tee times will re...

2020 UGC individual award winners

Posted: Nov 17, 2020

Congratulations to our individual award winners for 2020:Ruebe Haack Shield for low gross score (blue tees)- Mike Cornford and Andy Willigar (73)Ce...


Posted: Nov 06, 2020

After a season long battle Patrick Gorry has laid claim to Player of the Year in the tightest race ever. Coming into the Ironman, the last event th...

Winter Golf/Extended Season Memo

Posted: Nov 02, 2020

Please note that there is a memo from GolfBC concerning the extended season and winter handicaps.It can be found on the sidebar of the home page.Yo...

2019/20 Mudder Fudder Crowned

Posted: Oct 28, 2020

The craziness of the season can be wrapped up in the fact that the 2019/20 Winter Match Play was completed under surprisingly mudder fudder conditi...

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